Ice Fury
«Ice Fury» от Flysound - это полное звуковое пособие о том, как можно разрушить лёд. Библиотека записана на цифровой микрофон Neumann D-01 в студии синхронных шумов.
348 звуков уникальных звуков разрушения льда были получены при помощи различных инструментов. Команда использовала все подручные средства: чайник, пилу, кирку, прутья и другие предметы для создания ледового саунд-дизайна.
348 файлов • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 543 MB • metadata
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Ice Fury
"Ice Fury by Flysound" is a sound library of ice breaking to pieces in as full a variety of ways as possible. This is a thesaurus of the various ways ice gets undone, with blasts and crashes as well as scrapes and swishes and cracks and splinters too.

Ice Fury is recorded on two superb ultra low-noise Neumann D-01 digital mics at 96k/24bit in a fantastic foley studio. Our equipment and processing make it ideal for downpitching and other tweaking to match your project.
The full range of 348 sounds from the ice is thanks to a spread of massive and moderate ice blocks, that have been obliterated by a variety of implements such as a kettle bell, saws, picks, bars, drills, and a bat! If your project involves the sound of frozen water, allow us to break the ice...
348 files • 348+ sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 543 MB • Includes metadata
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