Bentley Continental GT 2017 года выпуска - это звуковая библиотека мощной 8-цилиндровой 507 л.с., которая сконцентрировала в себе всё необходимое для работы любой сложности: проезды, отъезды, манёвры, ручное торможение, переключение передачи и удары педали.

Многоканальные синхронизированные записи содержат подробные метаданные и разработаны специально для кино, рекламы и игровой индустрии.
59 файлов • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 2.8 GB • metadata • UCS
Bentley Continental GT
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Bentley Continental GT
‘BENTLEY CONTINENTAL’ by Flysound is a comprehensive sound catalog for the iconic English motor that bellows authority and oomph in every beat. The suite of recordings is a systematic compilation authored by a dedicated full service post-production team, deploying Neumann U87s, Sennheiser MKH416s, Sound Devices 788Ts, Aaton Cantar X-2s, and further top quality recording, editing, sound design, and mixing equipment.

The Bentley and its professional driver have been tracked from a myriad of angles and distances, both external and onboard, from the moment the doors close and a seat belt fastens, right down the gamut of revs, take-offs, turns, passes-by, pedal slams, handbraking, gear shifting, and panel buttoning galore with all the corresponding actions as this GT V8 4.0L civilized gorilla of a car peels away fast, chugs along slow, or just cruises an everyday commute. In short: Everything you’ll need, all the maneuvers manifested by our 2017 Bentley Continental, here in this suite.
59 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 2.8 GB • Includes metadata • UCS
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9990 руб.