About us
Flysound is a company with its own team of sound engineers, each of whom is a career specialist in their field. As perfectionists, we adhere to the maxim that sound is half the film, and we strive to instill each project with a unique sound like none before it. We love our work and the people we work with around the world, and we are passionate about finding the best sound solution for any project
Our work spans any scale and genre, from ads and experimental clips, to art house cinema and sci-fi blockbusters.

You can hand in your project for all-inclusive sound production, or rent the studios with your sound engineer, or book our specialists for external attachments to your work.

The Flysound company has been operating since 2018 from our studio complex which was purpose-built by the esteemed recording studio design expert Philip Newell, an Englishman with four decades of experience designing sound studios around the globe.
Our team
We have an extensive track record of work with Russian and international partners, we understand the many nuances and intricacies of successful production, and we are guided by international quality standards. In our portfolio, our films have been shortlisted for the Oscars (Loveless, Leviathan), for the Cannes Film Festival (ibid.), and our works have aired on Netflix. Our projects have been awarded the MPSE Golden Reel Award, and have been nominated for the Golden Eagle Award for Sound, and the APK&T (Association of Producers of Film & Television) Award.
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