Our services
Full-service Sound
We provide flexible service for the entire production cycle: sound recording on set, dialogue editing, ADR, foley, the recording and editing of ambiences, sound design, the recording and mixing of music, mixing across all formats including Dolby Atmos, and mastering
Music Recording
& Mixing
Our music studio "Flysound & Bi-2" (formerly "Parametrika") is a part of modern Russian music history. Here, the legendary records of Splean, Bi-2, Zemfira, and many other artists were cut. The studio is kitted out with classic and cutting-edge equipment and renders possible the recording and mixing of music, live performances, and music videos
The foley technician and the sound engineer, as well as a technologically superlative studio for synchronous sound with and enormous range of props, together stand ready for any task, in a holistic synchronous sound recording set-up
Studio Rental
The Flysound production complex is a multi-functional hi-tech base, comprising studios for editing, ADR, foley, mixing in the Dolby Atmos format, and music studios, which you can rent for your own specialists or with our team
The sound designer develops the sound concept for the film and combines several different professions - background and effects editor, recording engineer and sound effects artist. He creates atmospheres, sound effects, and unique sounds for dreamed-up creatures and other things
Field recording
Recording on the set itself is the key to pulling off great sound for dialog, because after all it is an uphill battle to recapture the actors' flow in looping. We work with the best sound engineers, and we also provide a rental service of equipment kits to be taken straight to set
Flysound has integrated talent managers and casting directors who can book voice actors for any dialog task and carry out the recording session in our complex. For dubbing, we can provide live in-studio sessions with actors from overseas
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