The Flysound complex for film was built by Philip Newell, a well-renowned English acoustic designer, who has been designing the building of studios worldwide for around 40 years. The main concept of the design and construction of the building was to create neutrality in the acoustic, and even the visual, environment. The acoustic studio remains unpainted, and the sound systems in this studio are specifically designed to facilitate the achievement of precise control over your project.
Studio rental
The studios of the complex for film can be rented and commanded by your own sound engineer or our team. Flysound operates around the clock, irrespective of weekends or holidays. All the studio rooms feed into a single, united media network. Our engineering and technical service will take care of and can offer full support to your project; on hand to provide the requisite advice and to foster your most effective work at the studio.
We pay special attention to data security. The studio facilities and media networks are air-walled from the Internet.

The transmission of materials is carried out via our dedicated transfer bay.

We provide daily backup, archiving, and long-term data storage.
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