Chevrolet Camaro
'CHEVROLET CAMARO' by Flysound is a comprehensive sound catalog for the American high-performance muscle car. The suite of recordings is a systematic compilation authored by a dedicated full service post-production team, deploying Neumann U87s, Sennheiser MKH416s, Sound Devices 788Ts, Aaton Cantar X-2s, and further top quality recording, editing, sound design, and mixing equipment.

The 5th gen Chevy Camaro, 2012 model, and its professional driver have been tracked from a myriad of angles and distances, both external and onboard, from the moment the doors close and a seat belt fastens, right down the gamut of revs, take-offs, turns, passes-by, skids, pedal slams, handbraking, gear shifting, and panel buttoning galore with all the corresponding actions as the Camaro peels away fast, chugs along slow, or just cruises an everyday commute. In short: Everything you'll need, all the maneuvers manifested by the Camaro, here in this suite. The 6.2L LSA V8 engine never sounded so good. Hear the character of this punchy speed demon 'pony car', and in case you didn't know, 'LSA' is GM's acronym for 'Loud Stupendous Acceleration', need we say any more?

The symphonic grace of our growler in motion was captured with orchestra-grade studio equipment and field kit, by professionals, for professionals, ready to be used as authentic sound, ready to be arranged into seamless edits and proper 5.1 or Atmos post-production. The 96kHz/24bit synced and multi-channel recordings have comprehensive metadata tags giving full position, microphone, and action detail. The metadata has been written to adhere to the Universal Category System.

Specs: 302 files • 302 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 14.1 GB • Includes metadata • UCS
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