The foley technician and the sound engineer, as well as a technologically superlative studio for synchronous sound with and enormous range of props, together stand ready for any task, in a holistic synchronous sound recording set-up
We can create the most refined sound for artistic or documentary film, for commercials or cartoons, and we can provide the finished product with quick turnaround.

We have lain out our own studio for synchronous sound with an enormous array of props, various surfaces and surface finishes, and even a pool for water effects (here, we recorded for the films Stalingrad, Leviathan, and Invasion). The studio was designed by the renowned acoustic designer Philip Newell and has been rigged with the ideal tools for synchronous sound.

Neutral studio acoustics, absolutely silent digital mics, and two control rooms - the big and the bijou halls for 5.1 and 2.0 respectively, allow the creation and control of unadulterated, noiseless recordings, which will then be gracefully pliable in the sound mixing stages.

We engage in extensive collaboration with Russian and international film studios and sound engineers. We can record synchronous sound, edit it, and perform pre-mixing. You simply instruct us on the content to record, and we deliver the finished product.
Foley Recording
400 €
2 000 €
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Day — 7 hours
Week — 5 days
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