We provide flexible service for the entire production cycle: sound recording on set, dialogue editing, ADR, foley, the recording and editing of ambiences, sound design, the recording and mixing of music, mixing across all formats including Dolby Atmos, and mastering

These days, sound for movies and tv is a complex system of work which can only be done by a professional team with elaborate supervising, that can deal with the vagaries of amendments (such as redubbing, creative requests, and schedule updates).

We deliver the full-cycle of sound production, starting with recording on set, and ending with mixing in all formats - Stereo, 5.1, Dolby Atmos. All the sound engineers of the firm are career specialists, outstanding in their fields.
All work is carried out at our complex for film, which is purpose-built to and carefully set up to function as a hub of technological swiftness in the performance of work of any complexity.

We take care of all the coordination, so that you should be able to arrive and just revel in the work without being bogged down by technical nuance.

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