Our music studio "Flysound & Bi-2" (formerly "Parametrika") is a part of modern Russian music history. Here, the legendary records of Splean, Bi-2, Zemfira, and many other artists were cut. The studio is kitted out with classic and cutting-edge equipment and renders possible the recording and mixing of music, live performances, and music videos
Music Recording & Mixing
Studio History
The history of the Flysound & Bi-2 Studio is legendary, just like its creator Sergey Bolshakov, sound engineer and producer of the ground-breaking Russian rock group, Bi-2.

The history of the studio goes back twenty years, and it has changed name several times; "Our Time", "Sergey Bolshakov Studio", "Parametrika". The studio was in an ever-present state of expansion and development, and in parallel Sergey began working with music for film, and as a result of this, the company Flysound and the group Bi-2 united and we formed our own music studio together.

In this studio, with Bolshakov at the helm, the very best tracks and albums of intensely famous Russian rock icons were created, namely, those of: Bi-2, Splean, Auktyon, Vezhlivy Otkaz, Zemfira, and Russian masters of jazz such as Sergey Manukyan, Igor Boyko, Vyacheslav Gorsky, and Arkady Shilkloper, among many others.
The large music studio (200 sq. m.) boasts a complex with the highest end of sophistication in recording equipment, sound processing and sound mixing gear, an array of remarkable musical instruments and mics, and all this allows one to record and mix music for movies, television, radio, and other pursuits, and in the formats of Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, as well as simultaneous live recording of sizeable groups, an orchestra, live performances, music videos, and podcasts.
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About the Studio
170 sq. m. goes to the large acoustic hall, and the control room occupies 30 sq. m. Thanks to the hardware and the Pro Tools Ultimate suite, the system can record up to 56 tracks simultaneously. The main system monitors of the control room are Reflexion Arts RA239 (by Philip Newell himself). The acoustic room has twelve independent stereo monitor lines.

The brand count for studio microphones is in the dozens, including Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, and many other best-in-breed.

Microphone amplification is achieved via the 38-channel Neve V3 console, as well as tube and semiconductor equipment from other acclaimed manufacturers. The studio is endowed with a great collection of musical instruments including a Blüthner grand piano, a Hammond B3 organ, synthesizers, drums, guitars, and guitar amps.
A detailed list of technical plug-ins
Recording Music for Film
The music studio facilitates the simultaneous recording, editing, and mixing of large musical teams and film orchestras. The studio is part of the Flysound production complex, connected to the core media server that allows one to seamlessly progress work with project audio in any of the studios of the complex.
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