Our Dolby® Premier certified re-recording studios provide the mixing of film in the Dolby® Atmos™ format, as well as 7.1 and 5.1
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Mixing stages
The Flysound mixing studios were the first globally to be designed from scratch and built according to the advent of Dolby® Atmos™ and its format specifications.
The studios have been built using neutral acoustic environment technology (down to the paint - or lack thereof, on the walls) and they have been fitted with high-performance Reflexion Arts monitors, which are broadly considered the best tool for the control of the most complex sound content.

The screen, made with acoustically-transparent woven material, is by Screen Excellence. This type of screen prevents distortion of the sound from the front speakers.

The studio is equipped with three Pro Tools HDX3 stations, operating in Satellite Link mode, with a Euphonix S5 console and Avid controllers.
A detailed list of technical plug-ins
Dubbing Stage 1 Dolby Atmos Premier
400 €
2 000 €
Dubbing Stage 2
200 €
1 000 €
All taxes are included
Discounts are provided when booking a certain amount of services
Flysound can apply prices different from the prices in this price list for various reasons
Day — 7 hours
Week — 5 days
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