Our large acoustic studio hall boasts neutral acoustics and is ideal for recording foley
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Foley studio
The foley studio consists of an acoustic room and two control rooms, connected via the core media server.

The studio has a variety of textures and surfaces including a large pool for recording water effects, and there is a wide variety of props to hand.

The neutral acoustics of the studio, coupled with the extremely low-noise Neumann D01 digital microphone, will allow you to record foley both at long and close ranges.

The 5.1 control room gives the opportunity to the recordist to control and adjust the nuances of the sound and the timbre of the sound being produced during recording with a high degree of accuracy, and it is also intended for editing and premixing in Stereo format and 5.1.

The 2.1 control room also boasts high-precision monitoring and is intended for editing and premixing in Stereo.
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Foley Studio
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