Flysound has integrated talent managers and casting directors who can book voice actors for any dialog task and carry out the recording session in our complex. For dubbing, we can provide live in-studio sessions with actors from overseas
Voice dubbing can be performed in several studios: in the three voice recording studios, which are acoustically purpose-built and accommodate 1-5 people, and in the dubbing studio (1-10 people), and in the music studio (up to 50 people). Each studio has the requisite number of microphones, monitor lines, and headphones.

It is possible to work and collate a single project simultaneously across studios, or record several stand-alone projects simultaneously.

We will gather information and instruction from the director and producer, prepare a talent shortlist and coordinate the hiring, and once ready we will select the appropriate microphones from our huge arsenal (ranging from buttonhole to Neumann studio mics).

Voice recordings can be performed with video link with the producer or director, and Source Connect is available.
ADR recording
200 €
1 000 €
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